CPTOCatholic Parent Teacher Organization
CPTOCalvary Parent Teacher Organization
CPTOCompensated Personal Time Off
CPTOCentennial Parent Teacher Organization (Broomfield, CO)
CPTOCarver Parent Teacher Organization
CPTOChristian Parent-Teacher Organization
CPTOConcerned Parents and Teachers Organization
CPTOCanton Parent Teacher Organization
CPTOCustom Personal Technology Organizer (Pyrim)
CPTOCommunity Planning Team Orientation
CPTOCounty Planning and Transport Officer
CPTOChief Programmer Team Organization
CPTOContinuous Proximate Time Optimal (controller)
CPTOCrossroads Parent Teacher Organization
CPTOCompletion Pending Timeout
CPTOCash Point and Transport Optimizer (cash management)
CPTOCooked, Peeled, Tail On (shrimp)
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However we could not And financial support to get the airplane tickets to go there, although the first project ended up as doctoral dissertation by Angel Higuerey while the second one became part of the project about reinforcement of the incubator of CPTO.
However, the result also shows a significant positive relationship between masculine value and one aspect of CP, that is, CPTO (beta = .
For example, the involvement of first degree holders and professional qualifications holders in developing interpersonal relationships and projecting organisationally important behaviours (as indicated above under CPTO items) is negative as far as CPTIR and CPTO are concerned.
Second, the study also found that masculinity values were negatively related to two aspects of CP (CPTIR and CPTT) while having a positive relationship with CPTO.
Avnet EMG has made a significant investment in helping our mutual customers through this period of transition and providing continued support of important military programs,'' said Don Walker, Motorola vice president and director of CPTO.