CPTRCertified Professional Tarot Reader (Canadian Tarot Network; Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
CPTRClinical Pharmacology and Translational Research (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists)
CPTRCenter for Public Television and Radio (University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL)
CPTRCurrent Public Transport Records (South Africa)
CPTRCapital Projects Technology Roadmap
CPTRCertified Proof Test Report
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The results found for the 2nd CPTR are presented in the next subsections.
With the RBR data determined, first the percentage difference between the values found by the three measurement methods was calculated, based on the annual statement used for the 2nd CPTR and the respective TN, which provides the definitive results.
It is worth noting that in the 2nd CPTR, of the 44 companies, only six had a tariff increase; that is, the TRI was positive [Ampla, EEB, Energisa BO, Escelsa Energia do Brasil, Energisa Nova Friburgo Distribuidora de Energia S.
The greatest readjustment in the 2nd CPTR was that of Energisa NF, at 11.
Through partnerships like this one, CPTR is supporting the development of new weapons to fight TB and save lives.
Today's announcement coincides with a two-day CPTR workshop in Washington D.
CPTR was co-founded in 2010 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Critical Path Institute, and the TB Alliance to expedite testing of promising TB drug candidates in combination, regardless of sponsor, and to optimize the regulatory and other infrastructure so that new drug regimens are developed, approved, and made available to those that need them as quickly as possible.
The CPTR initiative also seeks to advance the regulatory science that will allow for the most efficient, accurate, and robust evaluation and application of these new testing models as well as address issues related to the lack of clinical trial capacity and funding.
It is hoped that the CPTR Initiative will help in achieving these Millennium Development Goals, by bringing relief to millions of TB/HIV sufferers worldwide.