CPTSDComplex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
CPTSDCrime Prevention Through Social Development (Canada)
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In conclusion, in order to understand the multilayered psychopathology that develops in victims of chronic trauma and also overcome the problems while treating these patients, we believe that CPTSD diagnosis with its comprehensive structure may provide a different clinical approach and treatment opportunities for clinicians instead of providing multiple diagnoses for individual symptoms.
The groups differed on the CPTSD RI total scores and on the subscales for re-experiencing, avoidance and hyperarousal.
The correlations between CPTSD RI and depression (.
These four variables, together, explained 35% of the variance in CPTSD RI total score (r.
The CPTSD RI and subscale scores for the research population were significantly higher than normal, since all of the students were residents of the boarding school and they had all been exposed to the same harsh adversity.
46) with CPTSD RI, and with three other subscales, it did not have any predictive power in regression analysis.