CPTVConnecticut Public Television
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This year, CPTV re-upped its contract for five more years.
Indeed, CPTV broadcasts of UConn women's basketball games regularly draw a 15 rating or 33 share in the greater Connecticut area.
To meet the national demand for UConn women's basketball, CPTV entered into a partnership with Real.
The company has partnered with CPTV to offer a number of documentaries, including the award-winning "Teens Behind the Wheel" in 2005.
It is because of Travelers we are able to produce and air programs about safe driving," says Jerry Franklin, president and CEO, CPTV.
To view "Parents and Teens Behind the Wheel" in its entirety, tune into CPTV at 9 p.
com) has added the full capabilities of "Hotel World Radio" from CPTV LLC to its hosted on-line internet audio service for the hospitality, lodging, retirement community and transient accommodation markets.
CPTV brings over 20 years of hospitality industry in-room entertainment expertise to RadioWeb's service.
We're thrilled to team with CPTV in delivering the first revolutionary change in a hotel room since the arrival of cable TV," said RadioWeb President Rhos B.