CPTVConnecticut Public Television
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We're thrilled to team with CPTV in delivering the first revolutionary change in a hotel room since the arrival of cable TV," said RadioWeb President Rhos B.
In addition, several pages have been posted so people can sign up to volunteer for various CPTV and WNPR activities, as well as register to attend company-sponsored events, like the annual CPTV Family Science Expo.
OTC Bulletin Board: CPTV) today announced that it has confirmed with the OTC Bulletin Board that CPTV stock will cease trading on the OTCBB after the close of business on December 4, 1998, and that the company's transfer agent will close the company's books at that time.
CPTV shareholders should know that we see no reason for a significant change as it relates to the company's price quotations, particularly in light of the fact that the company reported approximately $6 million in shareholders equity, or approximately $1.
Indeed, CPTV broadcasts of UConn women's basketball games regularly draw a 15 rating or 33 share in the greater Connecticut area.
The company has partnered with CPTV to offer a number of documentaries, including the award-winning "Teens Behind the Wheel" in 2005.
CONTACT: Gary Vickers, President & CEO, of CPTV, 303-694-5324; or General, George Zagoudis of the Financial Relations Board, 312-640-6663/
Gary Vickers, CPTV chairman and president said "We view this stock repurchase plan as part of our efforts to enhance shareholder value.
is headquartered in Denver and its stock trades on the Nasdaq Small-Cap market under the symbol CPTV.
For the year, CPTV essentially curtailed all service-related revenue activities in order to commit its resources to funding the development of its own interactive software title which was a non revenue-producing event over the course of the year.
CONTACT: Gary Vickers, President & CEO, of CPTV, 303-694-5324; or George Zagoudis, General Information, 312-640-6333, of FRB CHICAGO/
This transaction is subject to limited conditions subsequent to the signing of the agreement, one of which is CPTV shareholder approval at a special meeting of shareholders to be held as soon as possible after necessary regulatory approvals.