CPUECatch Per Unit Effort (fishing industry)
CPUECapacité Pulmonaire Utilisable à l'Effort (French)
CPUEChest Pain of Undetermined Etiology (digestive sciences)
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CPUE has deceased with the passage of time during the study period starting in 1999 (0.036) it has fallen down considerably to 2013 (0.010) (Table I).
The highest catch per unit effort (CPUE) estimated as 0.546 and the lowest CPUE value 0.198 in 2000 and 2014 respectively (Table 1).
Additionally, information on the number of fishers and departure and return times were obtained by applying a questionnaire to all boat captains, the catch per unit effort (CPUE) was estimated as kg per boat per fishing day (kg [boat.sup.-1] [day.sup.-1]) to compare the dail catchy production from each spawning aggregation.
yalobushensis CPUE and habitat variables between perennial and intermittent reaches in 2012 using Mann-Whitney U-tests; because only two perennial reaches were sampled in 2013, we did not repeat the analysis for that year.
Spearman's rank correlation revealed high correlation ([r.sub.s] > [+ or -]0.7) between total wolf mortality and adult wolf mortality, total breeder mortality and breeder male and female mortality, and deer CPUE and elk CPUE.
To scale any return on investment (ROI) for practicing pauses, the calculated Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (Pearson's r) was calculated between CPUE of scallop catch and CPUE of flatfish catch for only the control tows, and then again for only paused (all pause durations combined) tows.
The median number of oysters retained was 2 oysters [dredge.sup.-1] (IQR=1-4, n=238), which equates to a median CPUE of 0.03 oysters per [m.sup.2] dredged (IQR=0.012-0.061, n=238; Figure 4a).
Al realizar el ACP, se encontro que la varianza obtenida al relacionar el componente 1 (variables ambientales) y el componente 2 (CPUE) fue del 74.85 %, lo que indica una relacion muy alta entre ambos componentes, explicando mejor la variabilidad de los datos.
Dependent Variables: Analyses targeted CPUE for a subset of species and size classes chosen because of their numerical dominance, ecological importance, or socioeconomic importance, or to cover the ranges of variation in anatomy and vertical position in the water column that may influence how species respond to sounds.
The socioeconomic impacts on the operation of the fishery and on the usefulness of drift gillnet CPUE data for stock assessments are discussed.
En el calculo de la CPUE para tortugas marinas solo se usaron los datos obtenidos por los observadores a bordo, pues se logro identificar con total seguridad hasta el nivel de especie casi el 100% de los ejemplares capturados, exceptuando solo aquellos individuos que debido a su peso no pudieron ser levantados a bordo.