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CPUSACommunist Party of the United States of America
CPUSACentral Pasco United Soccer Association (Florida)
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and represented a major break with the Socialists and yes, most CPUSA members who still saw Blacks and whites as primarily the same with Blacks suffering from "racism" almost as if it was just an attitude that could be ended through the struggle for socialism.
In many of the other violent incidents littering the landscape of the ongoing cultural revolution in our midst, agents of the RCP, WWP, SWP, and CPUSA can be identified in photos and videos as key participants and leaders.
Robert Oppenheimer, known since late-1942 to the FBI as a secret member of the CPUSA, was appointed scientific/administrative head of the atom bomb project.
Apparently using only the information from the Harlem Weekly article, he wrote a column in The Daily Worker, the newspaper organ of the CPUSA, directly and openly attacking his longtime colleague.
Service says that the next-biggest recipient of Moscow's largesse, after CPUSA, was the French Communists, who received $2 million per year, followed by Finland's Communists at $1.
John Gerassi, "The Comintern, the Fronts, and the CPUSA," in New Studies in the Politics and Culture of U.
Unfortunately the party's slavishness was not limited to propaganda; its own members, which is to say real people, often found themselves being run over by the train of history without so much as an audible gasp from the leaders of the CPUSA.
They show that the USSR covertly provided a large part of the CPUSA budget from the early 1920s to the end of the 1980s.
Revisionists generally displayed greatest interest in the Popular Front years of 1935-1939, when the CPUSA supported New Deal reform and anti- fascist collective security.
Southern whites were stripped of their stereotypical views of blacks as contented workers and were faced with the unsettling specter of increased CPUSA activity in their region, while Southern blacks were faced with a radical challenge that called upon their strongest cultural institution to increase its political activities.
When the Comintern condemned the Marshall Plan and the CPUSA endorsed the third-party presidential campaign of Henry Wallace in 1948, the UE leaders obeyed loyally.
CPUSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.