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CPVCChlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
CPVCCell Phone Voice Changer
CPVCcommon pulmonary venous chamber
CPVCCentral or Peripheral Venous Catheter (clinical oncology)
CPVCCoastal Plain Volleyball Club
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a switch to a unique coating technology extended the screw life on a press molding a CPVC part from 12 months to an astounding eight years .
Commercial CPVC stabilizers are usually either basic lead salt (7), which can trap the evolved HCI gas, thus delaying the polymer degradation or metallic soap esters (8).
CPVC is being used as the raw material for hot water pipes, fire sprinkler pipes, and industrial pipes, among others, and its demand has been growing globally.
GF Piping Systems' CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) Schedule 80 Pipe will not rust, scale or pit and is extremely lightweight, making installation faster and easier and significantly less expensive that steel alloy or lined steel.
All Kamweld PVC and CPVC pipe fittings meet both ASTM D-2466 and D-2467 test standards, which include requirements for materials, workmanship, dimensions, and burst pressure.
15,16) Lamellar zinc allows for the formulation of zinc-rich primers with lower PVC (their CPVC values are less than those in spherical zinc-rich primers) and a reduction of settling in the can.
Besides its superior property of corrosion resistance, the CPVC pipe offered last, easy installation and increased cost efficiency compared with its metallic counterparts, according to BE&K.
and is manufactured from PVC, CPVC, PP or PVDF, making it well-suited for handling highly corrosive liquids in a variety of industries.
Other options include high-temperature CPVC construction, PVDF pumps, Viton elastomers, a programmable logic controller and units that are fully automated.
Electrodes are available in either CPVC or PVDF (Kynar) bodies and are compatible with most makes/models of ORP meters or transmitters.
In addition, a CPVC (stainless steel optional) solution spray bar located above the solution level flushes parts as they are conveyed out of the tank area, to maximize part cleanliness.
For example, the plastic-pipe study looks at the possibility that glues used to link CPVC and polybutylene pipes might seep into the water they carry.