CPVFCost Performance Visibility Framework
CPVFChinese People's Volunteer Force (Chinese force supporting North Korea in Korean War)
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Millett, citing Chinese and Korean as well as US sources, focuses on leaders of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) who provided the forces to the CPVF; they are the forefathers of PLA leaders today.
As the CPVF waited in Manchuria for orders into Korea, "they trained for an asymmetrical campaign that would turn their weaknesses into advantages." The lack of logistics was perhaps the CPVF's primary weakness.
The CPVF does not require analysis, but it does provide a wealth of data ripe for analysis by financial management and other personnel (clearly an opportunity!).
Using Chinese sources, Yu summarizes the pre-intervention preparations of the CPVF. He examines the planning and execution of the five campaigns the Chinese fought against UN forces in the first eight months of Chinese combat operations.
The accounts by the Chinese general officers are somewhat uneven and, as an American reader would expect, tend to exaggerate CPVF accomplishments and put their setbacks in the best possible light.
Initiatives such as a soldier's newspaper, patriotic songs and poems, and memorials to fallen heroes cemented support among the CPVF for seeing the war to a victorious conclusion.
No amount of operational planning or political mobilization could overcome the disadvantage that plagued the CPVF in the area of combat logistics.
It was only when the CPVF began to deploy that the PLA discovered they had severe handicaps.