CPVSCyclic Pulse Voltammetric Stripping (organic additives)
CPVSCongenital Pulmonary Venous Stenosis
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When the head of border force maritime command, Doug McLellan, announced the permanent deployment of a CPV to Scotland in September, 2017, he described it as "new".
CPVs were collected from CalEPA only, and BMDs and BMDLs used for modeling were derived as described by Wignall et al.
Given that relaxation experiments are not a practical method for determining the OCV curve of the battery of a CPVS, accelerated methods are a must.
The previous studies paid more attention to the analysis of optical performances of CPVs affected by the variation of temperatures outdoors [13, 14].
The CPV solar panel uses a 20x concentrator over crystalline silicon cells to produce electricity.
The key to the cost-effective "compression-less hydrogen fuelling station" is a composite pressure vessel (CPV) trailer.
Solar energy: including silicon-based, thin film technologies; future nano-technologies, and building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPVs) and light-concentrating photovoltaic technologies (CPVs)
* Primary health centres located at the local/village levels, secondary health structures located at the district hospitals, and the provincial hospitals; there are private centres such as Centres for Prevention and Voluntary Screening (CPVS) and the Approved Treatment Centres (ATC), Chantal Biya Foundation (where PMTCT was started) and mission hospitals across the country that take care of HIV/AIDS patients.
One of the biggest challenges facing injection molders is to determine the best settings for the controllable process variables (CPVs).
CVS can be used for most plating bath analysis both galvanic and electroless processes, however, a slight modification of the technique must be employed for electrolytes containing iron or in plating baths which use a 'pulse plating' technique--here a mode known as Cyclic Pulse Voltammetric Stripping analysis (CPVS) must be employed.
The table includes lab means, deviations from the grand mean and comparative performance values (CPVs) for each sample.