CPVSCyclic Pulse Voltammetric Stripping (organic additives)
CPVSCongenital Pulmonary Venous Stenosis
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CVS and CPVS are two of the nine available modes of analysis available using the 797 Computrace and require only the electrolyte sample, the virgin makeup solution (or VMS) and standards for suppressors, brighteners and levellers--no external gases are required.
All methods are pre-installed with 'dial-up and push go' functionality, but the software also has the ability to create custom methods or tailor existing methods, this gives users access to over 240 trace analysis methods, over 50 CVS and CPVS methods.
Supply of fuel and lubricant (diesel CPVS 09134100-8, heating oil CPVS 09135100-5, unleaded gasoline CPVS 09132100-4 and glanded CPVS 09211100-2 09211600-7), for the needs of the municipality, the legal person OPAAP Agency Preschool Education and Sports Welfare, School Committee of Primary and Secondary School Committee for the years 2016 and 2017.