CPWECanadian Public Works Expo (Canada)
CPWECareer Preparation Work Experience (Canada)
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After extraction, four peel extracts, namely, NPWE (nonpuffed water extract), CPWE (compressional-puffed water extract), NPEE (nonpuffed ethanol extract), and CPEE (compressional-puffed ethanol extract), were obtained according to their puffing pretreatments and extraction methods for each mango cultivar (Figure 2).
In the present study, four peel extracts (NPWE, CPWE, NPEE, and CPEE) from six mango cultivars were utilized to determine their polyphenol contents by the Folin-Ciocalteu colorimetric method.
Analysis of Phenolic Compound Composition, Storage Stability of Antioxidant Capacity, Anti-Inflammatory Activity, and Antibacterial Activity in CPWE and CPEE of TN1 Cultivar.
Caption: Figure 2: Flowchart of the compressional-puffing process and extraction methods for NPEE, CPEE, NPWE, and CPWE.
Caption: Figure 4: (a) High-performance liquid chromatography of peel extracts (CPWE and CPEE) of Tainoung number 1 cultivar; (b) high-performance liquid chromatography of polyphenol standards: gallic acid (1), pyrogallol (2), chlorogenic acid (3), p-hydroxybenzoic acid (4), p-coumaric acid (5), ECG (6), and CG (7).
Caption: Figure 5: DPPH scavenging activities of vitamin C, CPWE of TN1, and CPEE of TN1 under different storage times.