CPWSCommunity Public Water System
CPWSCanadian Parks and Wilderness Society
CPWSCockpit Pressure Warning System (F/A-18)
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But, the closed environment inside the CPWS eliminates the need for gowning before each experimental procedure.
Because a CPWS is small and self-contained, its decontamination cycle is much shorter than that of a clean room.
Not only does the CPWS provide user convenience and flexibility, it also has significantly lower operating costs (Figure 2).
The CPWS is a cost-effective, flexible alternative to a clean room.
The Panasonic CPWS offers significantly lower operating costs when compared to a conventional cleanroom (open system].
EnergyAxis will enable CPWS to enhance its delivery of electricity and water services by increasing meter accuracy, providing additional load data for engineering analysis, reducing water loss, improving responsiveness for restoring unplanned outages and adding customer service offerings such as demand response.
With its proven track record of successful Smart Grid deployments and the outstanding reliability and performance we saw with the EnergyAxis solution during our testing process, we believe we have found the best Smart Grid solution to bring maximum benefit to CPWS and its customers," said Jim Clark, general manager of CPWS.
The EnergyAxis Smart Grid solution will provide bi-directional communication between the smart meters and the CPWS home office via the utility's existing wide area network (WAN).
Every Smart Grid deployment entails a certain level of customization and the CPWS project was no different, requiring us to integrate with the utility's existing infrastructure," said Mark Munday, president and CEO of Elster Solutions.
Coinciding with Rivero's appointment, the CPWS will also include Lawrence Kung, VP-Commercial Strategy and former VP-Strategy & Business Development at Southern, as well as Elena Sanchez, VP-Finance and former head of Finance for Diageo in the State of Florida.