CPXRChondrodysplasia Punctata 1, X-Linked Recessive
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Several mutants were examined (including a cpxR mutant strain) to try to elucidate which gene product may be regulating the fim genes following binding to mannose receptors, but no gene was linked directly with the regulatory changes affecting fimB or fimE (data not shown).
Comprehensive overview must be given to the comprehension of this genetic network and the interactions between its various components (CsgD, RpoS, Crl, OmpR, IHF, CpxR, mlrA, BarA/SirA, Csr, PhoPQ, RstA, Rcs, metabolic process, and quorum sensing) [4].
The panels indicate the number of genes (by ontological category) associated with stress-response regulons RpoS, CRP, Fur, CpxR, Rcs, and RpoE for BR7 2 h (a), 8 h (b), BR21 2 h (c), and BR21 8 h (d).