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CPhMChief Pharmacist's Mate (rank; US Navy)
CPhMConsultants in Public Health Medicine (UK)
CPhMCertified Professional in Healthcare Management
CPhMCox Proportional Hazards Model (statistics)
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Unity has held the annual Iftar dinner for the past five years along with CPHM who also, in turn, have held their annual Christmas dinner hosting various religious groups in promoting closer ties together.
En otro articulo de 1962, el CPHM reporto que el 36 % de los ninos asistentes a las escuelas del Distrito padecia de trastornos mentales, razon por la que hacian un llamado para adelantar "una permanente y coordinada campana en defensa de la salud de la infancia y de su proteccion generica.
The primary assumption of the AG model, like the CPHM, is that hazards from covariates are proportional over time (Johnson et al.
Driven by the theme 'Sowing Seeds of Friendship', the Christians For Peace and Harmony Malaysia's (CPHM) annual dinner was held today at the Grand Dorsett Subang hotel with leaders of various religions coming together to promote unity.