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CQBRClose Quarter Battle Range
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Designated the Mkl6 Mod 0, it's intended to replace the M4A1 carbines, Mkl8 CQBR and Mkl2s currently in service.
The weapon is outfitted with a close-quarter battle receiver (CQBR) to support sailors conducting visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) missions and maritime security operations throughout the world.
Figure 2--Final analysis systems Ammunition Given Weapons Tested to Full Static/Dynamic Answer the Problem CQB Analysis Statement * M855 "Green Tip" * M16A1 (62-gr.) * M4 * M995 AP (52-gr.) * M16A2/A4 * M193 (55-gr.) * Mk 18 CQBR (10" * Mk 262 (77-gr.) M4) * COTS (62-gr.) * M14 * COTS (69-gr.) * COTS (86-gr.) * COTS (100-gr.) * M80 7.62 (150-gr.) (Source: PM-Maneuver Ammunition Systems)