CQFDCe Qu'il Fallait Démontrer (song title)
CQFDCe Qu'il Fallait Démontrer (French: which was to be demonstrated)
CQFDConseil Québécois de la Formation à Distance (Canada)
CQFDComité Québécois Femmes et Développement (French)
CQFDContinuous Quality Function Deployment
CQFDCoûts, Qualité, Fiabilité, Délais (French)
CQFDConseils, Qualite et Formations Didactiques (France)
CQFDCe Que Femme Desire (French)
CQFDConfrérie des Quarteniers de la Flamiche Dinantaise (French)
CQFDChaussée Quartier Fort Dynamique (France)
CQFDCompetence, Qualification, Fiabilité, Dynamisme (French)
CQFDCitrix Query FAQ Database
CQFDCe Que Fout Dutronc
CQFDCoaching Qualification Formation Développement (French)
CQFDCeuss Qui Frappent d'Abord (French)
CQFDCommunication, Qualité, Formation par la Dégustation (French: Communication, Quality, Formation by Tasting)
CQFDCercle de Qualite des Fabricants en Decoration (Paris, France)
CQFDClearquest Fast Documentor
CQFDCahiers de Questions et Faits en Discussion (French)
CQFDCe Qu'il Fait Dire, Detruire, Developper
CQFDCulte Quintessent du Forum de Darkam (French)
CQFDComputational Quality Functional Deployment
CQFDCentre de Qualification de Formation et de Développement (French: Qualification Center for Training and Development)
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CQFD Air Solution has been experimenting with new engines that use a special chamber to isolate and control combustion, the most pollution-causing stage of an engine's operation.
Speaking of the automobile industry, the French company CQFD Air Solution and its team of 20 engineers has been working for the past six years on the design of clean engines to help combat auto-induced city pollution, Using completely new principles of operation that retain the current infrastructure for engine manufacture and use, CQFD's products are based on the following concept: since combustion is the pollution-causing stage in an engine, the engineers isolated this cycle in a separate chamber to control it better, and completely or partially replaced conventional fuel with compressed air.
At CQFD, three other engines that work with separate chambers also are being worked on.