CQISContinuous Quality Improvement Survey (Florida International University)
CQISCentre for Quality, Innovation and Support (UK)
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Inaccurate CQI values affect the communication between the Base Station and the User.
It assigns resources to the users based on the demand by using CQI values to improve system capacity.
The modulation order and coding rate are determined based on the feedback Channel State Indicator (CSI), which is specified in terms of a 4-bit CQI [3].
In the uplink, each UE reports an appropriate CQI to the eNB.
(iii) Channel-awareness: channel quality indicator (CQI) information sent from mobile users is used as user's instantaneous channel condition information.
To that end, we use CQI traces obtained from a system-level radio access simulator [28], considering users moving at 5 km/h in the cell.
Several methods have been proposed to support CQI estimation.
Many researchers have introduced intensive proposals to enhance multi-user MIMO in LTE/LTE-A systems based on CQI. Mundarath et al.
The challenge of designing a CQI feedback scheme with reasonably low overhead has spurred some research interests.
In this paper, we mainly exploit the scheme of CQI feedback compression based on CS theory.