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CQLCanonical Query Language
CQLConseil Québécois du Loisir (French: Quebec Leisure Council; Quebec, Canada)
CQLComité Quartier Latin (French: Latin Quarter Committee)
CQLContextual Query Language
CQLCode Query Language
CQLComputers and the Quality of Life (symposium)
CQLContinuous Query Language (Stream systems)
CQLCraftsman Quality Lockers (Cambridgeshire, England, UK)
CQLConstellation Query Language (fact-oriented data definition and query language)
CQLCereal Quality Lab
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Resolution: the ALVIS query server resolves the CQL query and extracts its key terms.
The ontology concepts and relations are used together with the extracted key terms in order to reformulate posted CQL queries into new, formal queries.
Ranking: ALVIS ranking component ranks, according to its ranking function, the results obtained from the knowledge base with the set of documents that match the CQL query.
Suppose that the PQL for an accelerated life test of the VLSI circuits is given by 32 hours to failure and that the CQL is 25 hours to failure.
Recommendation by the DNB is a SRU interface with support of the query language CQL response forma
Recommendation by the DNB is an SRU interface with the query language CQL response format should serve one another and to be selected to be spe