CQUCentral Queensland University (Australia)
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CQU Rockhampton was declared a Priority Development Area in 2011 and since that time Economic Development Queensland has been working closely with the university and Rockhampton Regional Council on potential development opportunities.
Table 2: Australian Universities from the selected AUQA audit reports by Geographical Location by University Grouping * LOCATION Go8 ATN IRU OTHER TOTAL ACT ANU UC 2 (2007) (2009) NSW UNSW UTS UoN SCU 6 (2006) (2006) (2008) (2008) UWS (2007) UoW (2006) VIC Melbourne Swinburne 4 (2006) (2008) Monash VU (2006) (2006) QLD GU CQU 3 (2008) (2006) USC (2007) WA Curtin Murdoch UNDA 3 (2009) (2006) (2008) SA Adelaide Flinders 2 (2008) (2006) National ACU 1 National (2008) TOTAL 5 2 4 10 21 * denotes the AUQA audit report year in brackets
One of our CQU graduates, who took extended leave, said that she 'just didn't have the willpower to fight the never-ending battle anymore.
Band A (10 per cent increase in low SES enrolments), for universities currently with more than 30 per cent low SES participation in 2008 (four universities in descending order: CQU, Batchelor Institute, USQ, Tasmania)
CQU is leading academic partner in China 's wind-energy programme whilst TIC is involved in a major European water pollution project and alternative energy technologies such as fuel cells and bio-fuels.
Certainly, CQU has adapted well to the changed higher education environment that has been wrought by this radical transformation.
Through its adoption of the Problem Based Learning approach, the School of Social Work and Welfare Studies at CQU acknowledged and sought to highlight the importance of the learning concepts developed by Dewey and the constructivist theory of learning, that is, among other things, meaningful and purposeful relationships between people are needed if effective learning is to occur (Dewey 1966; Vygotsky 1978).
The design of the semi-structured precommencement phone interview script was informed by the extensive literature base summarised earlier in the Literature Review section; the UWS inherent requirements (UWS, 2010); the CQU undergraduate nursing program requirements; and aspects of student diversity (study/work/life balance, cultural responsibilities, financial situation, and ability to travel).
CQU Cairns will produce more than 700 skilled graduates each year, providing nearly $250 million in economic benefits to our city and the Far Northern region.
Joel Batson BLM(Primary) CQU, MEd (Leadership & Management) USQ, has been teaching in rural South-West Queensland for 7 years.
This criterion was not relevant to the 2011 cohort as there were no OP eligible students although one student had gained automatic university entrance due to the successful completion of a SUN course at CQU and had successfully met the pre-requisites.
Almost all of these CQU overseas graduates studied at the university's city campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.