CQVCampagne Québec-Vie (French: Quebec Life Campaign; Quebec, Canada)
CQVCitoyens pour une Qualité de Vie (French: Citizens for Quality of Life; Canada)
CQVConsultation Qualité de Vie (French: Quality of Life Consultation; New Caledonia)
CQVCarte Qualité de Ville (French: Quality City Map; directory service)
CQVCenter for Quality and Value
CQVCommissioning, Qualification and Validation
CQVCommissioning, Qualification, Verification
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While no single control strategy on its own may be able to effectively ensure 100% fluid integrity, an integrated manufacturing/quality approach borrowing from QbD principles and integrating CQV may be suitable to ensure fluid integrity of biocontainers and negate the need to rely on factory leak testing as a release test.
The CQV work was organized for speed and efficiency by breaking down responsibilities into smaller units than usual, enabling more work to be dome in parallel.
The project team required the ability to track progress, identify issues, and provide actionable feedback to the CQV teams at this crucial stage of the project.
So, software systems are required for collection and access to all data types for contextualization and analysis that enables improved process understanding and control on the path towards CQV and real-time release.
We can extract from the FDA's guidance published in late 2008 that process validation and CQV are actually a lifestyle, not an event.