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CR4Complement-Receptor Type 4 (molecule)
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The results in Table 2 suggest that market concentration has a significant effect on the price-cost margin, both for the CR4 measure (model 1 a 2) and HHI measure (model 3 a 4).
The Hemolung CR4 Controller is part of the Hemolung Respiratory Assist System which provides minimally invasive extracorporeal CO2 removal as an alternative or supplement to mechanical ventilation for patients suffering from acute respiratory failure.
0-litre CR4 diesel engine produces 85 PS of power which according to Tata is more powerful than the engine in the older version of the car.
The study uses three levels of concentration: CR4, HH1 and Noam.
The CR4 LED downlight delivers 575 lumens and more than 60 lumens per watt and is a direct replacement for a 50 Watt 4-inch incandescent downlight.
The year 2007 could not be included in the sample because the information required for the computation of the CR4 index was not available.
1% of total steer and heifer slaughter (a CR4 of 25.
15 market for auditing services over time (aggregate sample) Year CR4 (%) 1998 63.
Anyone with a mobile phone they don't use any more can send it to Greener Solutions (NAGTY), Freepost, Lon17592 Mitcham CR4 3UZ.
It is available on subscription from Tony Barker, 68 Hawes Road, Mitcham Surrey, CR4 3JG, price 10 [pounds sterling] for two issues (cheques should be made payable to A.
To recycle your mobile phone free, remove the SIM card and send it to BIBIC Mobile Phones, Greener Solutions, Freepost, LON17592, Mitcham, CR4 3UZ.
The second-stage probit employs the same explanatory variables as the first stage, except for the sectorial dummies that are replaced here by three new variables: concentration ratio of the four biggest firms (usually denoted CR4 (14)), capital intensity, and the rate of openness to international trade.