CR5Control Register 5
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Shares of largest banks in total assets, loans and deposits CR2 CR5 CR10 Share in total assets 41,5 75,1 92,1 Share in total loans granted 42,3 76,8 92,9 Share in total deposits received 43,3 75,8 91,4 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Pazymetina, kad apskaiciuota minimalu HHI rodikli koncentruotose ukio sakose visu pirma veikia pardavimo pasiskirstymo tarp penkiu stambiausiu imoniu netolygumas--santykinai didele indekso reiksme galetu buti siejama ne tik su aukstu CR5 indeksu, bet ir su 1-3 stambiausiu imoniu dominavimu sakoje.
The first model considered regresses our Bivariate Poisson measure of home advantage in the Premiership on its own lag, seasonal average attendance, average total distance between clubs in the Premiership each season, a measure of the competitiveness of the Premiership each season (the CR5 measure), and our TV variable capturing the entering of the new TV age in English football.
The CR5, Campbell Scientific's first datalogger, was the first of its kind to process measurements, such as wind speeds and vectors, on the spot.
He then told me that the CR5 had received a $900,000 grant from the USAID to start food-for-work projects around the country.
Wilma Goddard (Nee Livingstone), 132 Winifred Road, Couls-don, Surrey CR5 3JF.
Change in Risk Measures by Institution Type, 1985-1986 Favorable NMCP Direction MCP Insolvent Solvent Credit Risk CR1 I F F F CR2 D F F F CR3 D U F F CR4 D F F U CR5 D F F U Net Worth L1 I U U F Liquidity Q1 D F U U Q2 I U U U Q3 D U F F Q4 D U U F Operational Risk P1 D U F F P2 D U F F P3 D U F F Notes: I = increase, D = decrease, F = favorable, U = unfavorable.
Write to: SMM/P, PO Box 1068, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2ZU.
The industrial concentration further dropped, CR5 plummeted to 27.
China's ATM CR5 market concentration degree declines.