CR6Cytokine Response Gene 6 (aka Cytokine Response Gene #6)
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Campbell also features a range k of solar monitoring stations, such as the Solarl000-SCE, typically used by solar energy producing utilities and based on the company's CR6 measurement and control datalogger.
The new CR6 LED downlight delivers up to 800 lumens and up to 67 lumens per watt and is a direct replacement for a 90 Watt 6-inch incandescent downlight.
Independent Variables Technological innovation Market Business Innovation Innovation orientation networks results effort MO CR6 IT1 IT2 IT3 n.
5618 CR6 Hamilton, IN 46742 (219) 488-3664 Line: Starlight Models: Starlight I (pediatric), Starlight II (adult)
No Customer Needs and Expectations Symbol 1 Light Weight CR1 2 Product Durability CR2 3 Permanent Decorations CR3 4 Perfect Decorations CR4 5 Spotless Finish CR5 6 Catalogue and Price List CR6 7 Product Availability CR7 8 Proper Packaging CR8 9 Prompt Customer Services CR9 10 Reasonable Pricing CR10 11 Stable Prices CR11 Table 2: Product Specifications.
for its Sunter architect LED desk lamp; and Cree LED Lighting for its CR6 downlight.
of 9 Mtrs long Octagonal single Arm poles with 1x70/72W LED street light fittingsalong the roads of CR12,CR13,CR14 and 200 Nos 1X70/72W LEDs street light fittings on existing PSCC poles in all balance roads of CR3, CR5, CR6, CR7, CR9, CR12, MR 1, MR 5, MR 10, CR15,CR16 at Industrial park, Growth centre, Bobbili, Vijayanagaram Dist under MIIUS.