CRAAColumbus Regional Airport Authority (Columbus, Ohio)
CRAACredit Reference Association of Australia
CRAACapabilities Review and Risk Assessment
CRAAChina Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association
CRAAConsorzio per la Ricerca Applicata in Agricoltura (Italian: Consortium for Applied Research in Agriculture)
CRAACredit River Anglers Association (Ontario, Canada)
CRAACommittee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan
CRAAColorado Rock Art Association
CRAAClinical Research Academy of America (New Jersey)
CRAACredit Reporting Agencies Act
CRAAChimney Rock Archaeological Area (Colorado)
CRAACedar Rapids Aquatic Association (Iowa)
CRAACotabato Regional Athletic Association
CRAAChipola Regional Arts Association (Florida)
CRAACoon Rapids Athletic Association (Minnesota)
CRAACECLANT Routine Activity Area
CRAACommodore Racing Association of Australia Inc.
CRAACenter for Relationship Abuse Awareness (Palo Alto, CA)
CRAAChattanooga Regional Anthropological Association
CRAACasselton Regional Airport Authority (Casselton, ND, USA)
CRAACritical Reflection Activation Analysis (surface analytical technique)
CRAACartridge Remanufacturers Association of Arizona (Mesa, AZ)
CRAACentre for Radiochemistry and Activation Analysis
CRAAChinese Restaurant Association of Arizona
CRAAComputer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms (Andreas Hammarstedt)
CRAAConnecticut River Arabian Association, LLC
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Vila, "CraA, a major facilitator superfamily efflux pump associated with chloramphenicol resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii," Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, vol.
Promoter Charles Tall Oliver who was waiting for the DJ in Dallas at the airport announced on Facebook and shared a screenshot of their conversation that DJ CrAA"me had been denied entry into the US and was held at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
AdeM Gentamicina, kanamicina Quinolonas gyrA, parC Variable AdeABC Todas las quinolonas AdeM Variable Tetraciclinas, Tet (A) Tetraciclina, pero no minociclina glicilciclinas Tet (B) Tetraciclina, minociclina AdeABC Tetracilinas, glicilciclinas tet(M) Tetraciclinas Polimixinas pmrA,pmrB Colistina OmpW Colistina Trimetoprim, sulfonamidas, sul Sulfonamidas Cloranfenicol dnfr Trimetoprim CraA Cloranfenicol AdeABC Trimetoprim, cloranfenicol
(163) By sending notices to the firms and making the public aware of the practices, the WSRW successfully pressured large phosphate firms to discontinue imports from the Bou Craa mine.
Treasury Strategies (TSI) first signed on in 2010 as a consultant to help CRAA design a slick but compact treasury gem and then re-upped in 2011 as project managers to direct the implementation of their design.
Moroccan phosphate mine in Bou Craa, Western Sahara.
En el siglo XX la tensiAaAaAeA[sup.3]n cultural y polAaAaAeA-tica se traduce en alianzas, negociaci y desavenencias con el nacionalismo de Pedro Albizu Campos, el socialismo de Santiago Iglesias PantAaAaAeA-n "manipulador de convenciones y congreso y el giro de Luis MuAaAaAeA[+ or -]oz MarAaAaAeA-n hacia la defensa de la colonia de qui escritores como JosAaAaAeA[c] Luis GonzAaAaAeA!lez y CAaAaAeA[c]sar Andreu Iglesias fueron crAa severos.
The drill concluded with demonstration of Close Range Anti Aircraft (CRAA) firing.
(31.) Spain has now sold its 35 per cent of its share in the Bou Craa phosphates mine that Spain controlled in accordance with the 14 November 1975 Madrid Agreement, which was also entered into in contradiction with international law as outlined above.
This lone creature's voice has been heart-wrenchingly doubled to imitate the communication between a pair: "Craa, craa" screeches emanate intermittently, at different volume levels, from two speakers placed below a prominently displayed reel-to-reel tape recorder, effecting a high-tech substitute for natural avian dialogue.
We started with a new series of meetings that we call the Capabilities Review and Risk Assessment (CRAA), the CRAA process, where we try to define exactly what effects and capabilities we need to look at before we decide which programs we're going to make fit those capabilities.
Capacity at the Bu Craa mines is now rated at around 1.9 Mt/y following the start-up of a desalination unit early in 1990.