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CRACCareers Research and Advisory Centre (UK)
CRACComputer Room Air Conditioner
CRACContract-Relax, Antagonist-Contract (stretching technique)
CRACCalcium Release Activated Calcium Channel
CRACCollect Respect Anna Check (band)
CRACCollectif des Riverains Anti Centrale (France)
CRACChiropractic Research Abstracts Collection
CRACColorectal Adenoma and Carcinoma
CRACCourse Resources Acquisition Course
CRACChild Rights Action Coalition (Nigeria)
CRACCoaxial Removable Anode Cup
CRACConstruction Research Advisory Committee
CRACCommittee for Rules and Consequences (St. Lawrence District Youth Activities; Canada)
CRACCeramic Reliability Analysis Center (Korea)
CRACConclusion, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion
CRACCanterbury Recreational Aircraft Club, Inc (North Canterbury New Zealand)
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Similar work was performed for a data center cooled only by a CRAC unit with no airside economization.
Depending on your cooling equipment, you may be able to configure your system so that the cold water or refrigerant cooled by outdoor air is bypassing the compressor and going to the evaporator coil, which means the CRAC fan won't have to work harder in free cooling mode.
Based on the above data, there is significant difference between the values of modified Thomas test which is done during pre- and post-test shows there is increase in length of iliopsoas muscle, after the intervention of CRAC, also there is significant difference between the values of Sit and Reach test which is done pre and post-test shows there is increased length of hamstring muscle.
An overall data center flow rate was calculated using the total dissipated power and differential temperature across the CRAC, and compared to the measured CRAC airflow.
Su labor principal en la CRAC era la de filtrar el ingreso de nuevos elementos a la policia comunitaria.
La Coordinadora Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias (CRAC) a traves de las cuales los comandantes regionales y de grupo de la Policia Comunitaria emitieron ordenes de aprehension en contra de agentes ministeriales por haber violado la Ley 701, que reconoce los Derechos de los Pueblos y Comunidades Indigenas del Estado de Guerrero.
El objetivo de este trabajo fue evaluar el efecto del tamano de particula (250 y 180 [micron]m) de polvos de cascaras de mango liofilizado de tres variedades (criollo, keitt, y Tommy Atkins) sobre propiedades funcionales como la humectabilidad, solubilidad, capacidad de retencion de agua (CRA), capacidad de retencion de aceite (CRAC) e hinchazon.
The mechanical system includes 1,444 terminal units, twenty single-duct (SD) variable-air-volume (VAV) air-handling units (AHUs), three single-zone constant-air-volume (CAV) AHUs, one dual-duct (DD) CAV AHU for the auditorium, fourteen data center room air-conditioning (CRAC) units, two central cooling plants with a total of 3,430-ton (12,063 kW) installed cooling capacity, one central heating plant with a total of 14,000 MBtu/hr (4.1 MW) heating capacity.
Once filled in, these can be left at libraries or posted back free of charge to FREEPOST Kirklees Council, CRAC by Friday.
Zahra went on to say that the course of events in Quseir, Qalamoun and retaking of the Crac des Chevaliers indicates that Hezbollah played the cards of the regime by ultimately "pushing Takfeeris" into Lebanese Arsal.
They are the Old City of Damascus, the ancient city of Bosra, the Old City of Aleppo, the site of Palmyra, Crac des Chevaliers keep, Citadel of Salah Ed-Din, and theancient villages of Northern Syria.
Sites such as the Crusader castle of Crac des Chevaliers and the Roman ruins at Palmyra would be difficult if not impossible for any visitor to access.