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CRADLECenter for Research and Development of Educational Technology (Tokyo Institute of Technology; Tokyo, Japan)
CRADLECenter for Research & Action on Developing Locales, Regions & the Environment (Africa)
CRADLECyber Rights and Digital Liberties Encyclopedia (online information resource)
CRADLECenter for Restorative Activities Development and Learning Experiences (juvenile prison; Philippines)
CRADLEChild Rights Advisory Documentation and Legal Center (Kenya)
CRADLEComputer-Related Assisted Distance Learning Enhancement (health care)
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Once, when she was tucking him back in its cradle again, the other child nestled in its sleep and attracted her attention.
Nick-knock, nick-knock, went the cradle; the candle-flame stretched itself tall, and began jigging up and down; the water dribbled from the matron's elbows, and the song galloped on to the end of the verse, Mrs Durbeyfield regarding her daughter the while.
They find him sitting by the cradle singing a lullaby to the new-born baby, while Gill lies in bed groaning and pretending to be very ill.
THE bookcase and the bird- cage were rescued from under the coal-box; but Hunca Munca has got the cradle and some of Lucinda's clothes.
When the king ape released the limp form which had been John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, he turned his attention toward the little cradle; but Kala was there before him, and when he would have grasped the child she snatched it herself, and before he could intercept her she had bolted through the door and taken refuge in a high tree.
"I must have somebody in a cradle," she said almost tartly, "and you are the littlest.
So he rocked the cradle with his foot; made a face at the rebel in the clothes-basket, which put him in high good-humour directly; and stoutly determined to be talkative and make himself agreeable.
And he took the hollow lyre and laid it in his sacred cradle, and sprang from the sweet-smelling hall to a watch-place, pondering sheet trickery in his heart -- deeds such as knavish folk pursue in the dark night-time; for he longed to taste flesh.
"And you were cut out for a bachelor," pursued Miss Pross, "before you were put in your cradle."
Husband and wife laughed at Philip's expression, and 'Erb getting up went over with Philip to the cradle. He looked at his baby proudly.
The cradle of oversea traffic and of the art of naval combats, the Mediterranean, apart from all the associations of adventure and glory, the common heritage of all mankind, makes a tender appeal to a seaman.
When at last a little boy, beautiful as the sun, was born, they laid him in his cradle and carried it down to a canal which passed through the grounds of the palace.