CRAFFTCar, Relax, Alone, Forget, Friends, Trouble (keywords in a screening questionnaire to identify at-risk teen substance abusers; Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research; Children's Hospital Boston)
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2011) to estimate the risk of cannabis use, with high internal consistency ([alpha] =, 85); the version of the CRAFFT Abuse Screening Test translated into Spanish and validated by Araujo et al.
En lo que respecta al consumo de riesgo de alcohol y otras sustancias, los resultados revelan que la participacion regular en el botellon incrementa sustancialmente la probabilidad de obtener un resultado positivo tanto en el CRAFFT como en el AUDIT, siendo mayor el tamano del efecto observado en este ultimo caso, es decir, para el consumo de riesgo de alcohol (tabla 2).
A recent review of the CRAFFT concluded that it had adequate psychometric properties for the detection of AUDs among adolescents [12] and is widely used to detect alcohol misuse in this age group.
For example, although the GAIN-SS and CRAFFT are increasingly utilised as screeners for substance use in South Africa, (31,32) their psychometric properties have not been established for local populations, and it is unclear whether findings from US studies can be extrapolated to South Africa.
Em recente revisao sistematica da Cochrane (20) sobre a validacao e a confiabilidade da escala CRAFFT foram encontrados 17 estudos, realizados em adolescentes na populacao geral (21), em alistamento militar (16), ambiente hospitalar (12), na atencao primaria a saude (11,19), servicos de emergencia (20) e clinicas de doencas sexualmente transmissiveis (20).
Preliminary CRAFFT data collected from nearly 200 youth suggests that more than 1/3 of youth screened have used alcohol, marijuana or hashish, or something else to get high in the past 12 months.
1) CRAFFT screener Before-and-after, (2012) each site own 2) Timeline Follow- control: Louis-Jacques Back et al.
CRAFFT (two or more Have you ever ridden in a car driven by "yes" answers) someone (including yourself) who was "high" or had been using alcohol or drugs?
In 2009, the decision was made to use a substance abuse screen developed at Children's Hospital in Boston called the CRAFFT.
Washington, Oct 17 (ANI): CRAFFT, the diagnostic test developed and currently being employed at Children's Hospital Boston, allows to accurately screen teens for high risk drug and alcohol use in a matter of minutes.
In addition, we explored other characteristics of these students including their CRAFFT scores (an acronym mnemonically based on key words of the 6-question alcohol screening test, Knight et al.