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CRAGCharging for Residential Accommodation Guide (publication; UK)
CRAGClinical Resource and Audit Group (established in 1989, part of the Scottish Executive Health Department)
CRAGClub de Radio Aficionados de Guatemala (Guatemalan amateur radio asociation)
CRAGCarbon Rationing Action Group
CRAGCyclists Rights Action Group (Australia)
CRAGCarbon Reduction Action Group
CRAGCompass, Radar and Global Positioning System (USAF Program to Update KC-135 aircraft; generally called PACER CRAG)
CRAGContractor Risk Assessment Guide
CRAGCuba Research and Analysis Group
CRAGCountryside Recreational Access Group (UK user group for walkers, cyclists, riders & MPV users)
CRAGCloud Retrieval Algorithm for GOME
CRAGCentre de Recherche Appliquée en Gestion (Center for Applied Research in Management)
CRAGCascade Resources Advisory Group (Portland, OR non-profit environmental law firm)
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Finally, 85 patients were enrolled; 56 were CrAg positive (CrAg+ group) and 29 were negative (CrAg− group) [Figure 1].{Figure 1}
H116/2012) from the Western Cape provincial government to screen all patients whose CD4+ count was <100 cells/ [micro]L, a provider-initiated CrAg screening initiative was implemented in the Western Cape in mid-2012.
Donugs took off online recently after Crag appeared on an Australian show called Shark Tank, which is similar to Dragon's Den.
A member of CRAG will be on hand between 11am and 3pm at weekends to answer questions about the excavations and the archaeological processes involved.
Our route now runs along Danby Crag to pass through a series of four wooden field gates before we head diagonally left (just beyond a wooden gate on our right) to walk across an area of open moorland with fine views towards Ainthorpe and Danby village.
This is the third incident in three months which GNAAS has attended at the same crag after two rock climbers were airlifted to hospital in May.
Tom would second the routes and then either use my abseil to descend, or run around to the foot of the crag. Although a slower option than the traditional style of climbing where partners rotate the lead--minimising the exchange of climbing hardware and retying of knots our ad hoc tactic played to our individual strengths.
Above left: Alnwick's Ian McEwan with a 10lb rainbow caught and released at Thrunton Long Crag Trout |Fishery; and George Burton, from Ashington, with a brace of Chatton rainbows totalling 8lb 8oz
THE body of a man who murdered his priest wife was found at the foot of a 260ft crag early yesterday.
The high burden of CM globally comes despite the fact that cryptococcal antigen (CrAg) is detectable weeks before the onset of symptoms, allowing screening for cryptococcal infection and early treatment to prevent CM and CM-related mortality (2).
Although culture is the standard method for definitive diagnosis, detection of cryptococcal antigen (CRAG) in serum or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is used for presumptive diagnosis.
"Mr Aindow was walking with friends in the area of Crinkle Crags on Saturday, January 5 when, at around 12.50pm, he fell while walking on difficult ground between Shelter Crag and Gunson Knott.