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For example, a loss of CRAH fan power could have a rapid impact as return air ceases to be cooled, whereas a loss of pumps to the CRAH would have a slower impact as the return air could continue to transfer heat to the CRAH coils for a short period of time.
The performance of the lineup of equipment - CRAH units [right arrow] chilled water pumps [right arrow] chillers [right arrow] condenser water pumps [right arrow] cooling towers - has been calculated for the worst case condition in the year in a climate similar to Washington, DC and corresponds to a peak system PUE of 1.43.
Total facility power consists of the power required to run the IT equipment and all other equipment, such as chiller compressor, cooling tower and CRAH fans, pumps, lighting, and UPS losses (Belady et al.
Such cooling systems commonly consist of standalone direct expansion (DX)-based computer room air conditioner (CRAC) or computer room air handler (CRAH) units using air-cooled or water-cooled chillers, which further utilize cooling towers.
Were the system benefits investigated for decreasing the large 22[degrees]F CRAH design approach temperature by elevating the chilled water supply temperature?
Consider blanking panels in server racks, conduits and cutouts, hot/cold aisle configurations, and recalibrating CRAC or CRAH units.
The major flow distribution change being captured using the hydraulic model is related to the variations in CRAH operation.
Air is pumped into the floor plenum by computer room air handler (CRAH) units and exits the plenum through perforated floor tiles that are generally located in front of and aligned with each rack.
These costs included chillers, pumps, CRAH units, piping, dry coolers, cooling towers, UPS systems, generators, etc.