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CRAIGConservative Reform Agenda in Government
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If a gun is found, Craig could face more serious charges.
According to Carr, following that, Craig planned to build a large marionette theatre with screens on casters and, after that, another stage to be built on an immensely larger scale and equipped with the movable screens and fixed pillars.
Last year Craig said he would consider marrying Damon if they decided to adopt a child.
Most recently Craig was a hit on Alan Davies' As Yet Untitled (Dave).
Craig spent two days familiarizing himself with the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), where he toured an active minefield -- recently identified by the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS).
He explained: "The first I knew was when I got a phone call when I was on the M1 to say Craig had been assaulted.
Craig, a popular piper, was stabbed to death in Marsden on July 6 last year, shortly after entertaining locals with his bagpipe playing.
Craig (starts singing to Grease again): "A well a well a well a mo.
The arrest at a Minnesota airport prompted Craig to plead guilty to disorderly conduct earlier this month.
Brown confronted Craig, who told him he didn't want any trouble and tried to defuse the row.
Craig preens in front of the mirror -- what a handsome devil
Craig says their father had one phrase in particular that has helped guide them on their present course: "Find the dirtiest business out there, and you'll make money.