CRALCentre de Ressources et d'Apprentissage des Langues (French: Resource Centre for Language Learning)
CRALCentre de Recherche Astronomique de Lyon (French: Center of Astronomical Research of Lyon)
CRALCircolo Ricreativo Aziendale Lavoratori (Italian: Circle Recreational Company Employees; Brescia, Italy)
CRALCitizens Rights Action League (Cranston, RI)
CRALCalifornia Relocation Assistance Law
CRALCentre de Recherches Agronomiques de Loudima (Congo)
CRALCentre for Research in Applied Linguistics (University of Nottingham, UK)
CRALCanadian Regional Airlines Limited
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In Year 6 Michaela Morton had said: "CraL making is the best club" however Mark Sco[umlaut] explained: "Football is the best because boys rule."
Some clubs are football, craL making, drama club, breakfast club, wake and shake, trampolining, WAGs, Judo, family cookery and so on.
Centrica Resources (Armada) Limited (CRAL), a subsidiary of Centrica PLC (CNA.LN), has signed a contract with Suncor Energy.
Pre-copulatory guarding of penultimate females by male cral spiders, Misuinenoides fonnosipes.
While enerprising reporters have been known to shift through garbage bags and cral through dumpsters to obtain information, access to private files in the era of electronic communication may be as easy as figuring out a password, which in Harding's case was her birthdate.
Morphometric variation in the 10 European populations was assessed by taking 12 skeletal measurements with dial calipers to the nearest 0.05 mm on each specimen, as follows: (1) premaxilla length (PREW); (2) cranium depth (CRAD); (3) cranium length (CRAL); (4) mandible length (MAND); (5) humerus length (HUML); (6) ulna length (ULNA); (7) sternum length (STER); (8) coracoid length (CORA); (9) femur length (FEMA); (10) tarsometatarsus length (TARS); (11) synsacrum length (SACL); and (12) synsacrum width (SACW).
Variance component Northern All Europe Europe New Zealand Character (N= 10) (N= 7) (N= 8) PREW 34.3 19.9 0.0 CRAD 7.7 8.3 13.2 CRAL 38.8 23.6 4.0 MAND 39.9 20.5 2.9 HUML 21.7 27.9 3.0 ULNA 22.5 28.2 2.4 STER 31.7 26.5 0.8 CORA 24.1 18.5 0.0 FEML 20.3 19.5 0.0 TARS 12.1 9.8 0.0 SACL 25.4 16.2 2.1 SACW 17.6 5.6 5.2 The geographic pattern of morphometric differentiation among European populations, as well as their divergence from the New Zealand populations, is depicted in the principal components ordination (Fig.