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CRAMMCCTA Risk Analysis and Management Method
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1936 Fred Perry (Britain) beat von Cramm (Germany) 6-1 6-1 6-0
Thus, we used a modified PACIC scale, similar to other validated short-form versions (Cramm and Nieboer 2012), to purposefully reflect those items most closely related to the SNMHI and to minimize survey burden.
Caption: Armstrong (Booth C5920) offers the Design Envelope high-efficiency dry-rotor circulators with iECM technology, shown here to Kelley Cramm (left) by Gabriel Covete.
Heidi Cramm of Queen's University received the Colonel Russell Mann, Military Family Health Research Award sponsored by The Vanier Institute of the Family; and Ms.
Kelley Cramm, P.E., Member, Henderson Engineers, Overland Park, KS
The most admirable figure in hove Game is the German Davis Cup player Gottfried von Cramm. In a 1935 Davis Cup final, the aristocratic von Cramm admitted that his racket just touched a ball that his partner had then volleyed for an undisputed win.
Cramm and colleagues demonstrated that the seeding activity of [PrP.sup.Sc] differs between various human prion diseases [65].
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ever" (14), "the impeccable" Baron Gottfried von Cramm
In this context, the methodology presented here is adapted from CRAMM (originally 'CCTA Risk Analysis and Management Method'), a risk management methodology created in the UK in 1987.