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CRAMPSCombined Rotation And Multiple-Pulse Spectroscopy
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My limbs stiffened under the strain of violent cramp. Conseil was obliged to keep me up, and our preservation devolved on him alone.
My arms ached, my back was cramped, and I was trembling with the prolonged terror of a fall.
She was really quite unstrung, for the reaction from her fright and cramped clinging was making itself felt.
Yes, there was Lord Decimus Tite Barnacle, who had risen to official heights on the wings of one indignant idea, and that was, My Lords, that I am yet to be told that it behoves a Minister of this free country to set bounds to the philanthropy, to cramp the charity, to fetter the public spirit, to contract the enterprise, to damp the independent self- reliance, of its people.
She put me in them new clothes again, and I couldn't do nothing but sweat and sweat, and feel all cramped up.
She had suffered very much from cramp after dancing, and her first attempt to mount the bank brought on such a return of it as made her absolutely powerless and in this state, and exceedingly terrified, she had been obliged to remain.
Fastened by chains to the mainmast were a number of grisly staghounds, who now began leaping and barking at me, and by the mizzen a huge puma was cramped in a little iron cage far too small even to give it turning room.
I seized the opportunity of slightly shifting my position, which had become cramped, and then listened.
It is even at the present day proverbial to calculate the number of acres of roofing, the restoration of which would, in our age, be the ruin of fortunes cramped and narrowed as the epoch itself.
Muscle cramps are commonly overlooked in liver disease cases.
The girl from Samburu county says it began with really bad cramps when she was 14.
Leg cramps can affect the calf muscle and muscles in the feet and thighs (less often).