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CRANECooperative Research and Assessment of Nearshore Ecosystems (California Department of Fish & Game)
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Crane looked at him steadily for a moment and then smiled again.
Crane seemed to have grown somewhat inattentive to the little lecture on antiquities and novelties, and the cause of his restlessness was soon apparent, and indeed approaching.
They were constantly at war with the cranes, and had always been so, ever since the long- lived Giant could remember.
When the two armies joined battle, the cranes would rush forward, flapping their wings and stretching out their necks, and would perhaps snatch up some of the Pygmies crosswise in their beaks.
Truth to say, he was a conscientious man, and ever bore in mind the golden maxim, "Spare the rod and spoil the child." Ichabod Crane's scholars certainly were not spoiled.
"Why, I know Crane: I've been for a drive with Evie once.
At that moment the man with the feathers ceased to gesticulate, and, with his hands placed upon his knees, was following, half-bent, the effort of six workmen to raise a block of hewn stone to the top of a piece of timber destined to support that stone, so that the cord of the crane might be passed under it.
They were quaint and sympathetic, those two homely basins, unfurnished and silent, with no aggressive display of cranes, no apparatus of hurry and work on their narrow shores.
There, powerful cranes raised it, and held it suspended over the mouth of the cylinder.
The Mudir's Cranes!" The large man turned purple to the top of his bald head.
"Thou shouldst have followed the cranes, yes, if they flew through the sunset, thou disobedient dog!" said the king.
The sailors at the fore and mizzen had come down; the line tubs were fixed in their places; the cranes were thrust out; the mainyard was backed, and the three boats swung over the sea like three samphire baskets over high cliffs.