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CRASECornell Restaurant Administration Simulation Exercise (virtual management game)
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"We needed the technology to meet our mission, and AT&T had the experience to do the right planning and show us the right options," says Crase.
Although he competed in several sports, Crase was primarily known for his prowess in swimming and track and field, where he again served the United States, wearing the uniform of Team USA and earning 32 international medals, including 10 gold, and being named the "Outstanding Athlete" at the 1967 Pan-Am Games.
In addition to sick leave and holidays, Crase has five weeks of vacation yearly.
Jamie Jones and Paul Devey both fired doubles for Future, with Alan Crase and Stuart Hardman bagging braces for Claughton.
Graffiti has also become a problem in Birkby, where large murals with the word Crase have appeared.
En cuanto a la figura de la pareja, Samuels, Stockdale y Crase (1994) refieren que el soporte brindado por el padre del bebe mejora el nivel de adaptacion de la adolescente con respecto a su maternidad.
Children are entering the child care system with increasingly serious physical, behavioral, and emotional problems (Barth, Freundlich, & Brodzinsky, 2000; Crase et al., 2000; Fees et al., 1998; Zukoski, 1999).
8 Douglas Crase, Both: A Portrait in Two Parts (Pantheon) and George W.S.
Finally, Crase (1992) insisted that reviewers submit manuscript evaluations in a timely manner.
In the course of an encomium on Douglas Crase, Koethe refers to Crase's recovery of "Whitman through Ashbery," the way in which Crase "enlists the rhetorical and psychological strategies of the poet many castigate as our most private and hermetic in the service of a public, Emersonian project of reclamation of his own." Oddly, in a book largely devoted to the tradition of American romanticism that culminates in Stevens and Ashbery, Whitman goes almost entirely unmentioned.
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