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CRASHCommunity Resources Against Street Hoodlums (LAPD)
CRASHCanadians for Responsible and Safe Highways
CRASHCare Rehabilitation and Aid for Sick Hedgehogs (UK)
CRASHCoalition for Reclaiming Area Streets on Halloween
CRASHCommunity Resources And Self Help
CRASHCALSPAN Reconstruction of Accident Speeds On the Highway
CRASHCitizens for Reliable and Safety Highways
CRASHCounty Residents' Action for Safer Highways (Maryland)
CRASHColor, Rank and Shape (defense against a strong club opening in bridge game)
CRASHCurrent Reality As Seen Here
CRASHCatastrophic, Restart, Abort, Silent, Hindering (types of system failures)
CRASHClass Race Age Sex Handicap
CRASHClaims Research Automotive Support Hotline
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References in classic literature ?
The flash of lightning, the crash of thunder, and the instantaneous chill that ran through him were all merged for Levin in one sense of terror.
With a crash which seemed to split the air, the huge structure fell.
The lightning flashes came faster and faster and closer together; the thunder-roll was almost continuous, not stopping for a moment--a new crash beginning before the old one had ceased.
The splitting crashes swept along the lines until an interminable roar was developed.
The Tin Woodman began to use his axe at once, and, just as the two Kalidahs were nearly across, the tree fell with a crash into the gulf, carrying the ugly, snarling brutes with it, and both were dashed to pieces on the sharp rocks at the bottom.
The lioness had taken but half her second bound when she felt the rope tighten about her neck; her body turned completely over in the air and she fell with a heavy crash upon her back.
Then, when our ammunition was gone and the Klondiker, still somewhat sober, began to babble again of Milly, Kraft whispered into his ear such a polite, barbed insult relating to people who were miserly with their funds, that the miner crashed down handful after handful of silver and notes, calling for all the fluids in the world to drown the imputation.
Vanstone, looking about him as if the crash was coming already.
Now works its iron will, the startled sand Blinding the combatants together locked In the death-grip; while hill and vale and stream Glow with the flash and crash of arms.
He saw the head of the wave topple over, adding the mite of its crash to the tremendous uproar raging around him, and almost at the same instant the stanchion was wrenched away from his embracing arms.
Miss Pross looked up, saw what it was, struck at it, struck out a flash and a crash, and stood alone--blinded with smoke.
Of course this novice's report lacked whoop and crash and lurid description, and therefore wanted the true ring; but its antique wording was quaint and sweet and simple, and full of the fragrances and flavors of the time, and these little merits made up in a meas- ure for its more important lacks.