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CRASSCreative Recording and Sound Services (est. 1997; English punk band; UK)
CRASSContingency Response Air Support Schedule (US Air Force)
CRASSCheese Racing Association
CRASSCorrelation Reduction Analysis Subsystem
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"Crass were an extraordinary mouthpiece for the anarcho punk movement, but through Crass Records they put out very interesting records, not straight-up punk bands," says Nick.
Labour Transport spokesman Colin Smyth said: "This is a crass and tasteless remark from Ian Blackford, who seems so desperate to grab a headline he has forgotten that Abellio was handed its contract by the SNP.
Recently our editor and fellow columnist Marichu Villanueva speculated that many such crowds that laugh or act amused by crass words and Pinoy profanities are generally a 'political crowd.' By this I infer that they are followers, or people politely accommodating a high government official.
"They are insensitive, crass and shouldn't have been produced in the first place."
The main body of the text provides a snapshot of Rimbaud, Crass, and the anarcho-punk scene at a particular juncture, immediately after the Falklands War in 1982, with the pacifist emphasis that might be expected therein.
"(They were) crass and thoughtless of me in the extreme."
Sydney, Aug 27 ( ANI ): Former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne has criticised England players for their urinating antics and called the behaviour crass and arrogant.
As was obvious by his well-researched responses, not-reallyshocked Phil Schofield knew exactly how offensive crass Katie was going to be.
But Mr Blenkinsop, the Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, says Mr Mallon's comments are "crass and disrespectful".
APPRENTICE hopeful Ricky Martin is branded "crass, obnoxious and infantile" and an "arrogant fool" by Lord Sugar's business advisers in tonight's gripping final.
are Leisure and a conspicuous consumption of goods." In Crass Struggle, McGill University economics professor R.T.