CRATCertified Rational Addictions Therapist (psychology)
CRATCarnitine Acetyltransferase
CRATCharitable Remainder Annuity Trust
CRATCommission Régionale d'Aménagement du Territoire (French: Regional Commission for Regional Development; Belgium)
CRATCivil Rights Action Team (USDA)
CRATCyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal (India)
CRATCenter for Rehabilitation and Abolition of Torture (Cameroon)
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Zane Andrews and team worked with mice and noticed that the Crat protein - which is also found in the human body - seemed to play a decisive role in regulating the storage of fat in the body.
Under the sample provision, the CRAT will terminate early on the date immediately before the date of an annuity payment that, if made, would reduce the trust corpus value (multiplied by a specified discount factor) to less than 10% of its initial value.
The trust sells the property for cash, then distributes income generated by the sale to the couple for a term of years or for life -- the amount and duration determined by the couple at the time they create the CRAT -- free of capital gains tax.
CRat = [PLR/PL[R.sun.min]], CRat [less than or equal to] 1 (10)
A charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) is similar to a CRAT, but with a few important differences.
There are many types of CRTS, a few of which include; A) charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT) which pays a fixed dollar amount annually; B) charitable remainder unitrust which pays a fixed percentage of the trust's assets annually; C) charitable pooled income fund which is set up by the charity allowing many donors to contribute.
Shea, MA, CRAT, CAC-AD, examines how clinical professionals can help overcome a variety of biases and other barriers against greater use of medications in the treatment of alcohol dependence.
A charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT) is a form of split-interest trust established between one or more donors and a trustee.
* The head judge in the trial of Saddam Hussein was accused of softening to the former auto crat when he publicly stated that Saddam was "not a dictator." The comment was apparently in response to Saddam's own efforts at conciliation when he said, "We will crush your heads."
There are several variations of the trust to meet individual goals and needs, but the two most popular are a charitable remainder unitrust, commonly referred to as a CRUT, and a charitable remainder annuity trust, known as a CRAT.
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