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CRAWCatamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin (Lake Mills, Wisconsin)
CRAWConstituted Ray Art Weapon (gaming)
CRAWCompact Rapid Attack Weapon
CRAWCarrier Replacement Air Wing
CRAWColony Records Analysis Workshop
CRAWConstruction Risk Assessment Workshop
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Miner John Kelso Smith told the inquiry Mr Craw almost escaped death.
Caption: Randy Claybourne of Tulsa, Oklahoma, hefts the 13.86-pound lunker he caught at Lake Fork, Texas, on January 12, 2014 on a black/ blue 1/2-ounce Lockhart Jig with a 5-inch Gene Larew Salt Craw.
"I personally visited the US F1 Team in August, as well as this week, and I am impressed with the progress made by the organisation since the Concorde Agreement was signed in late July," said Craw.
"We usually have to make guesses about fluids at depth, but this work shows where the fluid is generated, where it migrates to, and gives us an idea of how much fluid there is," said Craw. (ANI)
New Rear Commodore Bruce Craw is a long time member of the RYCT, an enthusiastic sailor who was very prominent in Rainbows and lightweight Sharpie sailing in his younger days
L-Cpl Craw, of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, had only three hours sleep before taking part in the exercise in Basra, Mr Ray said.
WELSH BEEF A portrait of Welsh Black cattle by Donna Craw shaw demonstrates her attention to detail
25/09/06 NASA Goddard Space Institute, Maryland, USA--A new study by craw climatologists finds the world's temperature is reaching a level not seen in thousands of years.
Shown with these paintings, the picture stuck in the space's craw like a bone.
Authenticity is a word that seems to stick in the craw of any Russian company.
Last year Lance Corporal Andrew Craw, 21, died as he tried to unjam his Minimi machine gun on a training exercise at a firing range near Basra last January.
"The information has moved around the interagency process to all the departments and agencies," he told reporters in Craw ford, Texas, after a meeting with Bush.