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I carefully and deliberately made these observations before allowing myself to take one glance at the benches before me; having handled the crayon, looked back at the tableau, fingered the sponge in order to ascertain that it was in a right state of moisture, I found myself cool enough to admit of looking calmly up and gazing deliberately round me.
In the former were many good paintings; but Elizabeth knew nothing of the art; and from such as had been already visible below, she had willingly turned to look at some drawings of Miss Darcy's, in crayons, whose subjects were usually more interesting, and also more intelligible.
Half-length portraits in crayons abounded all through the house, but were so dispersed that I found the brother of a youthful officer of mine in the china-closet and the grey old age of my pretty young bride, with a flower in her bodice, in the breakfast-room.
The crayon, eight inches long and almost three wide, was among finds at Seamer Carr and Flixton School House near Scarborough, North Yorks.
The prehistoric crayon is almost an inch long while the smooth and rounded pebble is a little more than 1.
Soon every kid in America, and then across the world, was using a Crayola crayon to make skies blue, grass green, and dogs brown with black spots.
The new crayon color was among the five finalists for Crayola's 'Name The Blue' contest which began in early May of this year.
And the cloyingly sweet fragrance of a box of crayons brings back my early school days in the early 1950s in a yeshiva on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Despite the current popularity of adult coloring books, many people have forgotten the joy to be discovered in a brand new box of beautiful crayons.
Each crayon should have its own special spot to make it feel special.
Executives in entertainment, fashion, banking, technology and real estate, have adopted Cocoa Crayon as their trusted resource for gift-giving.
So is it a fad or does the pencil or crayon version of your beauty essential have an advantage over the traditional form?