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I carefully and deliberately made these observations before allowing myself to take one glance at the benches before me; having handled the crayon, looked back at the tableau, fingered the sponge in order to ascertain that it was in a right state of moisture, I found myself cool enough to admit of looking calmly up and gazing deliberately round me.
An hour or two sufficed to sketch my own portrait in crayons; and in less than a fortnight I had completed an ivory miniature of an imaginary Blanche Ingram.
The chairs were of ancient workmanship and materials; over the doors were painted sketches of shepherds and shepherdesses, after the style and manner of Boucher; and at each side pretty medallions in crayons, harmonizing well with the furnishings of this charming apartment, the only one throughout the great mansion in which any distinctive taste prevailed.
In the former were many good paintings; but Elizabeth knew nothing of the art; and from such as had been already visible below, she had willingly turned to look at some drawings of Miss Darcy's, in crayons, whose subjects were usually more interesting, and also more intelligible.
Half-length portraits in crayons abounded all through the house, but were so dispersed that I found the brother of a youthful officer of mine in the china-closet and the grey old age of my pretty young bride, with a flower in her bodice, in the breakfast-room.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-August 9, 2011-Trilogy Studios reveals that Harold and the Purple Crayon tops the iPad Book App Chart(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
In a second experiment, more than 100 kids, ages 3 to 7, and 30 adults were told that the crayon belonged to the school that the imaginary boy and girl attended.
Bobbi Brown Lip Crayon pounds 19 These fab, fuss-free crayons give a really creamy colour to lips with the feel and coverage of a lipstick.
WIRRAL entrepreneur Sarah Parsons has taken over the running of Stadium Crayons, which has resulted in the firm's headquarters moving to Heswall.
orange and yellow jabbing, A bounty of crayons, a hut burst into glory.
12 x 18" (30.5 x 46 cm) white construction paper, 12 x 18" (30.5 x 46 cm) blue or purple construction paper, scissors, glue, regular and metallic oil pastels or crayons, glitter
WHEN OUR CHILDREN WERE YOUNGER, MY husband and I purchased a kite that resembled a package of rainbow-colored crayons. The kite was quick to get airborne and became a springboard for talking about Jesus' Resurrection, Ascension, and the Holy Spirit's "rainbow" gifts.