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Discussions were underway over setting up a system where one CRB check would entitle a driver to work in all six North Wales counties, he said.
The CRB is well-established and is a centre of excellence for the whole of the country.
From that point, the fade slowed down, but where one might expect the fading to stop around magnitude 14, this time R CrB faded even deeper.
The CRB has been also plagued by delays and mistakes.
Margaret Morrissey, from the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations, which represents mums and dads across Wales, said: "We were the organisation who took the Secretary of State Ruth Kelly to task on the appalling record of CRB checks for England and Wales.
The CRB was designed to protect children by giving employers improved access to criminal records.
Our next star is Sigma ([sigma]) CrB. To locate it, aim your finder at 4th-magnitude Theta ([theta]) CrB and star-hop east-northeast through a chain of 5th-magnitude stars composed of Pi ([pi]), Rho ([rho]), and [sigma].
This group came to be known as the Community Review Board (CRB).
Among commodity price indices, the Knight Ridder-Commodity Research Bureau spot market index (CRB) is closely followed.
class="MsoNormalAt this initial stage, we had the option of introducing a centralised CRB hosted within the Central Bank of Kenya or privately owned ones.