CRBP1Cellular Retinol Binding Protein 1
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The results of the genotypes and alleles of the identified SNPs in the CRBP1 and CRBP3 genes are shown in Table 2.
The results of the GLM analysis of association between the CRBP1 and CRBP3 gene polymorphisms and laying performance traits are summarized in Table 3.
However, no significant difference was detected for egg quality traits in either SNP of CRBP3 gene; meanwhile, for CRBP1 gene, the genotypes were only significantly associated (p<0.05) with egg-shape index (data not shown).
Therefore, in this study, SNP analysis of two different types of cellular retinol-binding protein, CRBP1 and CRBP3, was performed to assess whether variation in their sequence could affect the egg production and egg quality in Erlang mountainous chicken.
This study, which was designed as the first step in detecting genetic markers for egg production and egg quality of chicken, uncovered variation in the chicken CRBP1 and CRBP3 gene sequence that has not been reported in previous research and may provide information for a future marker assisted selection (MAS) program.