CRBRCooper River Bridge Run (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
CRBRClinch River Breeder Reactor
CRBRCosta Rican Bird Route (Rainforest Biodiversity Group; Madison, WI)
CRBRCalais Round Britain Race (regatta)
CRBRCenter for Research on Belgian Refugees (online forum)
CRBRChrome Record Breakers Relics (sports trading cards)
CRBRCustom Robo: Battle Revolution (video game)
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policy and restarted preparations for CRBR, but Congress eliminated
His contributions have led to the successful safety analysis, inherent safety testing, and licensing of liquid metal fast breeder reactors, including FETE, CRBR, and EBR-II.
It's a sore point," admits Charles Till, Argonne's associate laboratory director for reactor research and development, "but the main line of breeder development was the CRBR line.