CRCIChambre Régionale de Commerce et d'Industrie (French: Chamber of Commerce and Industry; France)
CRCIColumbia River Correctional Institution
CRCICultural Resource Conservation Initiative (India)
CRCIConflict Resolution Center International
CRCICenter for Research on Chronic Illness (School of Nursing; University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC)
CRCICar Rental Council of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
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ZMJ estimated that not more than EUR 440m (USD 480m) will be funded through internal resources of ZJM and CRCI while the remainder would be funded through external bank financing.
The fundamental mission of the CRCI PAC is "to enhance the effectiveness of CRCI by communicating with and advising CRCI administration on correctional issues affecting the community." (3)
Foliage Plant area Plant species Code height (m) ([cm.sup.2]) Bursera schlechtendalii Busc 3.4 (0.32) 850 (386.1) Bursera bipinnata * Bubi 3.4 (0.71) 541 (140.3) Croton ciliatoglanduliferus Crci 1.1 (0.32) 1026 (631.8) Guazuma ulmifolia Guul 4.8 (0.98) 3349 (989.7) Acacia cymbispina * Accy 3.3 (0.71) 120 (27.6) Prosopis juliflora * Prju 3.9 (1.25) 242 (105.1) Byrsonima sp.
3 May 2017 - China-based automotive components and coal mining machinery producer Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group (SSE: 601717) (HKEX:00564) has partnered with Hong Kong-based private equity firm China Renaissance Capital Investment (CRCI) to acquire the starter and generator (SG) business SG Holding of Germany based engineering and electronics company Robert Bosch GmbH, the companies said.
We selected 100 leftover portions of urine samples that had been sent for the measurement of creatinine clearance (CrCI) in the Prince of Wales Hospital of Hong Kong during September, October, and November 2002.
"The confidence in myself and the support I got through the WICS Lifeskills program [at Columbia River Correctional Institution (CRCI) in Portland, Ore.] helped me with the determination to stay clean," says Melonee.
In clinical practice, creatinine clearance (CrCI) is widely accepted as a simple measure of GFR.
* 65% of CAPD patients met an adequate weekly [Kt/V.sub.urea] and 61% met an adequate weekly CrCI according to NKF-DOQI guidelines (TABLE 16).
The three groups were matched for estimated creatinine clearance (CrCI) and had comparable gender, age, and time since transplantation.