CRCOCastle Rock Colorado
CRCOChief Risk and Compliance Officer (various companies)
CRCOCentral Route Charging Office
CRCOConsolidated Return Change of Ownership (taxes)
CRCOCentral Region Cadet Orders
CRCOComputer Resource Central Organization
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CRCO parts: MDH green and wax bean harvesters/grape harvesters.
The complexity of the corporate tax laws and regulations promulgated over the past 8 years is evidenced by the interaction of sections 172, 269, 382, 384, and the consolidated return regulations; as well as SRLY, CRCO, the "no loss" rule, and the reverse acquisition regulation.
The ability to create near-net shape componenst in CrCo with additive manufacturing and the micro-drilling of the components are very recent.
The Conference Report to the 1986 section 382 amendments supports continued application of the separate return limitation year ("SRLY") and consolidated return change-of-ownership ("CRCO") limitations of the consolidated return regulations.