CRCVCirculating Red Cell Volume
CRCVCooperative Research Centre for Viticulture
CRCVCerebral Red Blood Cell Volume (neurology)
CRCVChicks Rock, Chicks Vote (est. 2003)
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Con el fin de vigilar el cumplimiento de la Norma Oficial Mexicana 2001 (NOM) que regula la Denominacion de Origen del Cafe Veracruz se creo el Consejo Regulador del Cafe de Veracruz (CRCV): una asociacion civil integrada por un Organismo de Certificacion, una Unidad de Verificacion y un Laboratorio de Pruebas (Cafe Veracruz).
(CRCV) (Consejo Regulador del Cafe Veracruz) fue fundado en 2001.
Desde entonces el CRCV se ha encargado de gestionar el registro de la DO ante la OMPI (2001), la aprobacion y publicacion de la NOM (en 2002), la incorporacion a la Asociacion Americana de Cafes de Especialidad (SCAA) (ano 2002), el registro de Certification Mark Cafe Veracruz ante el gobierno de Estados Unidos (tambien en 2002), la acreditacion de las entidades de evaluacion de la Unidad de Verificacion y del Organismo de Certificacion (en 2003) y la emision de certificados del Cafe Veracruz (Consejo Regulador del Cafe Veracruz, en 2004).
Hardie described CRCVs as joint ventures among government, industry and research agencies (primarily academic) to provide funding for research that will translate into best practices in the real world, with an overall goal of "accelerating quality viticultural management from vine to palate." Hardie discussed how CRCVs work together to benefit all the partners, and ultimately to improve the quality of Australian wine.
Abstract: In the last decade, the Costa Rican Central Valley population (CRCV), has received considerable scientific attention, attributed in part to a particularly interesting population structure.
In the last decade, this population, and particularly the Costa Rican Central Valley population (CRCV), has received the attention of numerous studies on genetic diseases (Santos et al.
Decreasing Crcv will reduce ground bounce problems but is difficult to do.
Chromcraft Revington Inc (NYSE MKT:CRC), a designer, manufacturer and importer of furniture, revealed on Monday that it expects its common stock to begin trading on the OTC Pink Marketplace operated by the OTC Markets Group under the ticker symbol CRCV as of 30 April 2013.
The company said that it had earlier declared its intention to voluntarily delist from the NYSE MKT and that as of the above date investors and other interested parties will be able to view the Real Time Level II stock quotes for CRCV at, adding that it provides no assurance that any trading market for its securities will exist on the OTC Pink Marketplace.
"We are the first organizations to sign an international research agreement on Eutypa," said Jim Hardie, CEO of CRCV. "We hope this will lead the way toward improved communications and cooperation that will involve all wine producing regions of the world."
According to a report in The Australian, a Sydney newspaper, the plan, overseen by the Co-operative Research Centre for Viticulture, (CRCV) aims to increase water efficiency among grape growers in irrigated regions by 5% to reduce the industry's contribution to salinity problems.
But CRCV's Jim Hardie said the practice not only exposed farmers to heavy water losses through evaporation but significantly increased the risk of salination by raising the water table.