CRD1Cysteine-Rich Domain 1
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There were eight extract fractions separated (CRD1, CRD2, CRD3, CRD4, CRD5, CRD6, and CRD7) and three pathogens involved (R.
A total of seven crude DCM extract fractions (CRD1, CRD2, CRD3, CRD4, CRD5, CRD6, and CRD7) isolated from C.
There are no significant structural changes occurring in p75NTR receptor but the ligand binding site of the receptor (CRD1 & CRD2) shows backbone rearrangements in the complex form which is shown in Figure 6(b).
Appendix 2 Conversion Ratios for Primary Factors Conversion Factor for Primary Factors Conversion Ratio (1) Labour (CRL) 0.75 Capital (CRK) 1.16 Foreign Exchange (CRF) 1.168 Lande (2) (CRD1) 1 Land (3) (CRD2) * 0 Source: [Mahmood (1991), pp.
Bank of Cyprus acknowledges the outcome of the EU-wide stress test which complements the risk management procedures and regular stress testing programmes set up in Bank of Cyprus under the Pillar 2 framework of the Basel II and CRD1 requirements and the Central Bank of Cyprus Directive on the Calculation of Capital Requirement and Large Exposures.