CRDDCurriculum Research and Development Division (Ghana)
CRDDConvention Refugee Determination Division (Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada)
CRDDCentro Risoluzione Dispute Domini (Italian: Domain Dispute Resolution Center; Rome, Italy)
CRDDCats Rule Dogs Drool
CRDDConselho Regional Dos Despachantes (Portuguese: Regional Council of Brokers; Brazil)
CRDDControl Rod Disconnect Driveline
CRDDConcepts, Requirements, and Doctrine Division (US Army)
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(19) See Re CXS, [1995] CRDD No 134 (QL) (IRB); Re PLZ, [2000] CRDD no 97 (QL) at para 12 (IRB); Osagie v Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration), 2007 FC 852, 63 Imm LR (3d) 146.
Political opinion may include an "opinion as to gender roles expected in the family or as regards education, work or other aspects of life"; sexual orientation was also considered a political opinion in a claim from Cuba as it exemplified a "non-adherence to Communist Revolution"; Re VOZ, [1993] CRDD No 164 (QL) (IRB).
The CRDD Project is developing CRDDs to rationalise and reform data requirements through development of a common set of data standards for each of these data categories.
The CRDD Project provides a way to rationalise existing data sets, reducing the burden on the external organisations and individuals.
(17) See Ottawa, Immigration and Refugee Board, CRDD Handbook, 31 March 1999, c.
(90) A CRDD panel and Refugee Claim Officer (RCO) are immediately assigned to the claim and the child's representative is designated as soon as possible following the assignment of the CRDD panel.
(100) Before the CRDD will designate a representative, they will inform the proposed representative of his duties and then make an assessment of the person's ability to fulfill those duties.
The CRDD is not required to put the claimant's case together or to act on behalf of the claimant.
9 Judicial Supervision: Judicial oversight of CRDD decisions by the Federal Court of Canada is quite limited, being dependent on the court granting leave to appeal based on an error of law.
Instead, the Guidelines offer members of the CRDD a way of interpreting the existing Convention refugee definition in a manner that recognizes the interplay between gender and persecution.
My study also identified one case involving a claim of infanticide: Re T (YA) ([1991] CRDD No 944 (QL)); several other cases involved tangential allegations of infanticide that were dismissed entirely by the adjudicator and not given any weight.
Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration), (278) Justice John Evans, for a unanimous court, found that the relationship between CIC and one member of the Convention Refugee Determination Division ("CRDD") of the IRB, who had previously worked as an appeals officer (279) in CIC's Enforcement Branch before her appointment to the IRB on a temporary leave of absence from CIC, gave rise to a reasonable apprehension that she was likely to be biased.