CRDECommon Rail Diesel Engine
CRDECentre de Recherche en Droit Économique (French: Research Center of Economic Law)
CRDEComitato Ricerche Deportati Ebrei (Italian: Research Committee Deported Jews; est. 1944)
CRDECertified Rooms Division Executive (American Hotel & Motel Association certification)
CRDECentre de Recherche et Developpement en Economique (University of Montreal)
CRDECahors Realisation Developpement Electronique (French: Cahors Realization Electronics Development; Cahors, France)
CRDEChoctaw Resort Development Enterprise (Choctaw, MS)
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The Thar is a manual 4x4 machine coupled with a powerful CRDe engine 77 kw (105 BHP) & drive by wire technology which is capable of providing it variable speeds and acceleration.
Desires Hotels, the unique collection of independently created modern boutique hotels, today announced the appointment of Francine Dryja, CRDE, as the Corporate Director of Revenue and Channel Distribution Management.
The Sedan is powered by 2.49 litre mEagle CRDe engine that delivers a power-packed 112 bhp with 24 kg metre torque over a range of 1,800 to 3,000 rpm.
Moncton, NB: Association canadienne d'education de langue francaise (ACELF) and Centre de recherche et de developpement en education (CRDE), Universite de Moncton.
Instead, it has funded the first phase of a US-Australia Agreement Covering Cooperative and Collaborative Research, Development and Engineering, thankfully shortened to the CRDE but more commonly referred to as the Project Arrangement (PA).
(1994), Labor Market Institutions and the Distribution of Wages, 1973-1992: A Semi-parametric Approach', Universitd de Montreal, CRDE Cahier 0894.
The academy covers more than 150 acres and offers state-of-the-art facilities and equipment including wireless-equipped Mahindra Thar 4x4 CRDe training vehicles.
The car comes equipped with the same 2.5 litre mDI CRDe diesel engine that powers the regular Xylo.
Maxximo Minivan made its foray into the minivan segment with its launch in April 2011 following the success of the Maxximo, India's first mini truck with CRDe technology.
Ruge-Murcia, Francisco (1997) "Credibility and signaling in disinflations" Universite de Montreal and CRDE, June, manuscript.
(1992), `The Declining Saving Rate: An Overlooked Explanation', CRDE Papers, 0792, University of Montreal, Centre of Research and Development in Economics.