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(11) These sub-regional strategy (SRS) documents are intended to provide the spatial context for the 'City Region Development Programme' (CRDP) that each city-region is also producing within the context of each regional economic strategy.
(15) A diagram, included in both the SRS and the recently published Manchester CRDP (16) and shown on the preceding page, illustrates the city region's 'location at both the heart of a polycentric city region system, and at the 'crossroads' of two key development and transport axes within the country, as well as its international connectivity.' (15) It is also stressed that 'the Manchester city region itself is also polycentric in nature' and that 'the city region and its constituent parts benefit from this polycentricity to a significant extent.' (15)
The campaign has been spearheaded by the region's Crime and Disorder Partnerships (CRDPs) which includes fire brigades, police, local authorities and NHS authorities.