CRDSCenter for Research and Development Strategy (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
CRDSCavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
CRDSContribution pour Le Remboursement de la Dette Sociale (French: Social Debt Repayment Contribution)
CRDSCommunity Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (University of Calgary, Canada)
CRDSConsolidated Remote Delivery Site (US DHS)
CRDSCentre de Recherches et de Documentation du Sénégal (Research and Documentation Center of Senegal)
CRDSCertified Remedial Damp-Proofing Surveyor
CRDSControl Rod Drive System (nuclear power)
CRDSChemical Reactions Documentation Service
CRDSCustomer Requirements Data Set
CRDSCalligraphic/Raster Display System (NASA)
CRDSComponent Repair Data Sheet
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Only results of COP_tot and CRDS of the right lower limb are reported for the Bland-Altman, as there was no significant difference or systematic bias between test and retest for subjects with and without back pain (Figure 1).
A combustion module (CM) coupled to CRDS system (G2131-i Analyzer, Picarro Inc., USA) was used for SOC and [delta][sup.13]C-SOC (Figure 1).
The CM-CRDS system basically consists of an elemental analyzer combustion module to produce a gaseous sample from the solid sample, an interface for collection and transfer of the gaseous combustion product and a CRDS analysis chamber.
On 9 March 2016, the Supreme Court (the UK's most senior Court) weighed in with its first CRD decision, finding that the CRD for Magmatic's ride-on suitcase was not infringed by PMS International Group Pic's Kiddee Case (2).
One new technology is CRDS, a time-based optical measurement technique that employs a near-infrared laser to measure absorption of gas phase molecules in the air.
Component-resolved diagnostics (CRDs) and molecular allergology attempt to circumvent the above-mentioned problems.
CRDs and institutional consulting directors can provide fund selection guidance for each of the asset classes in the model using mutual funds that are approved by the plan sponsor.
Though related to cavity ringqdown spectroscopy (CRDS), which uses reflectivity to build extremely long path lengths for laser analysis, OA-ICOS avoids the mechanical and wavelength stability limitations of CRDS by deliberately misaligning the laser from the axis of the cavity so that it reflects many times between the mirrors but does not acquire any resonance build-up within the cavity.
A ceux qui s'inquietent d'une fiscalite confiscatoire, il annonce que le total des impots payes par un contribuable (impots sur le revenu, impot sur la fortune, CSG, CRDS) ne devrait pas depasser 85 % de ses revenus.
The most prospective fielded organizations are the chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives response teams (CRTs) and the SOF chemical reconnaissance detachments (CRDs).
This new capability, powered by Fiduciary Benchmarks, will enable Morgan Stanley Smith Barney's Corporate Retirement Directors (CRDs) to provide insight to plan sponsors about their plans' fees and services.
(12) Finally, combined respiratory tract disease score (CRDS) was used to classify the single bird as clinically healthy or as having respiratory tract disease.